The “Organising Agents” shall for the purpose of this tour mean DMC Sports Travel and all personnel, agents, and parties acting on their behalf. Upon signature of this tour confirmation/booking form by the principal participant or company and the formal confirmation by DMC Sports Travel of their admittance to participate, the signatory agrees that DMC Sports Travel is the organizing agents of the tour;


1.1   The Organising Agents reserve the right of participation on the trip;

1.2   The Organising Agents shall be entitled to make any arrangements for the issue of any ticket or coupon or for transport or conveyance or for any accommodation as they at their discretion may think advisable in the best interest of the trip;

1.3   The Organising Agents shall not be liable, whether in contract or delict, for any damage, injury (including death), loss, delay or inconvenience caused, as a result of the actions of the Organising Agents, to any passenger whilst on any tour or journey or while a temporary resident in any foreign country. In terms of this clause, liability for all actions is excluded, including negligent actions which do not result in this clause excessively favouring any person other than the consumer or person to whom goods and services are to be supplied. However, this clause does not exclude liability for grossly negligent actions on the part of the Organising Agents;

1.4   The Organising Agents shall act as agents only and shall not in any way be liable as principals in issuing or obtaining the issue of an air ticket or coupon, or in making any arrangements for transport, conveyance or, accommodation;

1.5   The Organising Agents advise that their couriers or representatives have no authority or permission to refund any money paid or to give any right to claim a refund from the Organising Agents;

1.6   The Organising Agents cannot hold themselves responsible for the obtaining of refunds on lost or unused transportation tickets, although every effort will be made to claim settlement on behalf of passengers;

1.7   The Organising Agents advise that each passenger agrees that he, his heirs, executors, administrators, and or assigns shall indemnify the Organising Agents, its servants and agents from and against all claims for damage from any cause whatsoever by any person who may make a claim against the Organising Agents, whether for loss or damage to property in the custody of the passenger or arising out of death of the passenger, whether or not such claim is based or alleged to be based on the negligence of the Organising Agents, its servants or agents or any sub-contractors of the Organising Agents. Negligence in terms of this clause is limited to negligent actions WHICH DO NOT RESULT IN THIS CLAUSE EXCESSIVELY FAVOURING ANY PERSON OTHER THAN THE CONSUMER OR PERSON TO WHOM GOODS AND SERVICES ARE TO BE SUPPLIED. Gross negligence is not excluded;

1.8   The Organising Agents reserve the right to cancel or abandon any tour. In such event any money paid will be refunded, less any expenses, disbursements or other commitments incurred on behalf of the passenger/s and in such event no further liability whatsoever will be accepted by the Organising Agents; the right is further reserved to modify the tour in any way that the Organising Agents think advisable.

1.9   The Organising Agents’ overseas agents, operators of the tours and their cooperating agents, act only in the capacity of agents for the passenger in all matters pertaining to hotel accommodation, sightseeing tours and transportation whether by railroad, motor-bus, motor-car, steamship, boat, aeroplane or by any other means, and as such hold themselves free of responsibility for any damage occasioned from any cause whatsoever. They will not be responsible for any damage, expense or inconvenience caused by late train or plane arrivals or departures, or by any change of schedule or other conditions, nor will they be responsible for the loss or damage to baggage, or any article belonging to the passenger. The right is also reserved to decline to accept any person as a member of these tours at any time.

1.10 The Organising Agents reserve the right, in the event that they do not receive sufficient support, either to cancel the tour or to raise prices according to the final number of tour participants, noting that each tour cost is based on a minimum number of participants;

1.11  The Organising Agents reserve the right to amend the tour cost at any time should any revaluation or devaluation occur in the rand, US Dollar or Pound Stirling or any other currency involved prior to the date of travel;

1.12  Medical, Cancellation, Curtailment and Public Liability Insurance is compulsory;

1.13  The airlines concerned are not to be held responsible for any act, omission, or event, during the time passengers are not on board the aircraft. The ticket in use by the Airlines, when used, shall constitute the sole contract between the Airline and the purchaser of the ticket.

1.14  It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that their passports are valid for at least 9 months from the date of travel.


The participant indemnifies and holds harmless the Organising Agents, its servants and agents from and against all claims for damage and loss from any cause whatsoever by any third party, heir, executor, defendant or relative of the participant whether for loss or damage to property or arising out of the death of the passenger, whether or not such claim is based or alleged to be based on the negligence of the Organising Agents. NEGLIGENCE IN TERMS OF THIS CLAUSE IS LIMITED TO NEGLIGENT ACTIONS WHICH DO NOT RESULT IN THIS CLAUSE EXCESSIVELY FAVOURING ANY PERSON OTHER THAN THE CONSUMER OR PERSON TO WHOM GOODS AND SERVICES ARE TO BE SUPPLIED. gross negligence is not excluded;


3.1. Initial non-refundable deposits will be advised specifically to the trip booked and are required per person to secure airfares, hotel deposits and the services of our overseas ground agents. The deposits are required upon booking.

3.2. Interim payments will be detailed depending on the lead time to the tour departure and when the applicable ground agents require further deposits.

3.3. Final payment of the balance is due no later than 6 weeks prior to travel.

3.4. Visa is the preferred method of payment for credit card transactions.


4.1. The initial deposits are non-refundable.

4.2. All match tickets and tariff costs included in payments, where applicable, are non-refundable.

4.3. Any cancellations 30 days before departure will incur a penalty of between 50 to 100% of the total airfares, accommodation, excursions and transfer costs, depending on the cancellation policies of the applicable airlines, hotels, and excursion organizers. The cancellation fee payable will be reasonable, taking into account the circumstances of the services offered, the length of notice of cancellation, and the general practice of other service providers in this tour organizing industry;

4.4. Cancellation within 30 days of travel will incur a 100% cancellation fee of the total airfares, accommodation, excursions and transfer costs, and any penalties incurred exceeding the original deposit, or unless otherwise specified.

4.5. The above time frames may vary depending on the specific event & the conditions of tickets & hotels.


5.1. Group fares are limited to a minimum of 10 passengers travelling together and require group names & ticketing at least four to six weeks prior to the tour departure and any name changes will be subject to penalties.

5.2. Should passengers not comply with the above, the organizing agent will not be held responsible for the cancellation of flights by the airline.

5.3. Airfares are refundable according to the policy of the relevant Airline and carry a cancellation & administration fee.

5.4. Airlines may charge a breakaway or extension fee & reissue fee over and above the airfare quoted.


6.1. Whilst every endeavor will be made to comply with our passengers’ accommodation requests, we cannot be held responsible if you are not satisfied with our selection.

6.2. In the case of passengers traveling alone who wish to share accommodation, the Organising Agents will always endeavor to fulfill these requests. Should this prove impossible, however, a surcharge for single accommodation will be applicable.